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Texas Department of Public Safety Security Alarm and Electronic Access License B05938
Texas Fire Alarm License ACR 1405
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Lease Option

Over the years Access Control Systems have gotten more powerful and at the same time a little more complex. The programming and maintenance of the database requires even more knowledge of database software than before. Without proper programming and maintenance the system is vulnerable to database errors causing the loss of data or possibly even a system crash. We all know the problems that can come with that.

The evolution of control systems has been fast and furious for the past ten years and doesn't show a sign of slowing down. This is good and bad. Good that we have the latest state of the art technology at our fingertips. Bad that you purchased a system just a few years ago and the cost of replacing it is simply too high. On top of all that, the maintenance on the system is getting more and more as time goes along.

This is where we have a great plan for small office buildings where we will install the equipment to control your building for ZERO money up front. In almost every case we can even use the existing cards so you don't have the pain or expense of re-issuing cards to all your tenants. See how the change out is accomplished and your tenants don't even know it happened. We then monitor your door prop alarms, maintain your cardholder database, perform the proper maintenance on the database and maintain an archive library of card history. Another plus is that all the leased equipment is covered under maintenance so you're not surprised with those hugh repair costs.

Contact our Sales Team for more information on leasing the Database Management Service and give yourself the peace of mind knowing your building will function at it's best. Allow us to manage and maintain your access control system so you can take care of business.